Connected: How To Talk To Heaven With Your Angels & Spirit Guides, Part Two

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Today is the second blog in the connected series. It describes the first of five steps we take to begin communicating with our angels and guides.

It’s all about finding, claiming and clearing a ‘you only’ space.

We do this, so you have a safe, and serene place to talk to your angels and guides. A space that allows you to develop your practice consistently. This does not have to be a perfect place; it can even be a closet. Whatever you can find that you can claim for ‘just you’ is great.

Clear your ‘you only’ Space

To clear your space, using sage is an excellent choice, but there are many options such as :

1) Herbs (Sage, Sweet Grass, Tobacco, Cedar & Essential Oils)

2) Sound (Drumming, Music, Tingshas, Shakers, Rattles)

3) Minerals (Salt, Crystals)

Typically, I use sage. Smudging with sage uses smoke from the burning herb to cleanse the energy field of a person, place or thing. To do this, you will need a sprig of white sage, a flame resistant dish, and a feather to direct the smoke. Light the sage and ask that your space is cleared. Feel free to call in your guides, angels or whoever you would like to help you. You can also create your very own invocation while clearing your space. Something that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Whenever I clear a space, I use the invocation, “I welcome my guides and angels that are pure love and come from oneness” I say that over and over as I walk around the room clearing it. The idea is to get the room you’re in ready for self-work and to make it feel peaceful.

Find out what clearing you are most comfortable with, and what makes you feel the most warm and fuzzy. Not someone else’s preference; trust your own instincts. The only right answer is the one that is popping up in your head right now.

I’ve had clients that don’t like using sage or don’t want to throw salt all over their rooms. So, they use a different method. And that’s allowed because there are no hard or fast rules here. In fact, a lot of clients who had spirit guide sessions had their guides step forward and tell them what methods work best for them.

My buddy Molly was told to use music. She is very musically inclined and heard music in her ears all day long (her guides communicating with her), and so it was a no-brainer for her to clear her space with music.

Remember, whatever you are most comfortable with is what will clear your space the best.

Now I am going to let my guides step in here and give their take on why clearing our space helps us communicate with them.

“Clearing helps your energetic body remain free of any tangible or intangible aspects that you are hanging on to in your physical realm that do not help or aid in the energetic realm. Remember in this instance, you are an energetic being. Communicating with guides is all about energetics and the ethereal. You, or some of you, cannot see this part of your body. So liken it to your physical body. Do you know when your physical body is dull and needs refreshing so it can be put back to its former self? And how when you adhere to this, it has you feeling renewed and ready to begin again? It is the same with your energetic body. It is also true of all that is around you. Your rooms, your chairs, your carpets. They all hold debris or memory of that day and the day before and the day before that. So, they too need to be reinvigorated so they can go about with a clean slate. This is why we clear.”

“As for such rituals, they make us feel safe and make us feel at home in our own temples and bodies. Rituals are performed everywhere from Congress saying a prayer before beginning session to a priest using frankincense at Christmas mass. They make us feel focused, centered and ready for the work at hand. To do that though, we want to feel safe and secure in the environment in which we are working. Rituals like clearing are the first step in your feeling safe and protected so you can begin your communication.”

So get out there, claim your ‘you only’ space, and clear it because in the next blog we are going to focus on step number two, ‘setting your intention’ and learn why that is so important in spirit communication.

See you then!

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