The Top 7 Law of Attraction Books and Courses for the HSP

I have been practicing the Law of Attraction ever since my sister in law put the book ‘The Secret’ into my eager hands over 10 years ago.

I soaked it up like a sponge and could not wait to begin to practice it.

Since then I seem to eat LOA (Law of Attraction) books for breakfast and take online courses like it’s my job. I have been able to attract jobs, cars, and money -  so I am all in and 100% a believer.

Law of attraction is big business, billions and billions of dollars business. It is growing, with many more authors springing up every day.

It has gotten to the point where what once was a simple practice because there were only so many options can now be an overly complicated practice because there is so much material out there.

I wanted to do a review of my top favorite LOA material to make things less overwhelming.

In my review, I tried to take into consideration the nature of the Highly Sensitive Person  and with that, I based my opinion on three factors:

1) Genuine. Whether you know it or not, HSPs have a severe kryptonite: inauthenticity and disingenuousness. So because of my concern for my audience and their comfort level, anything that had that sort of language in it will not be listed here.

2) Effective. Does it work? Are the material and the exercises proposed effective? Does it do what it promises?

3) Actionable. We are all busy with kids, family, work, meal planning, learning, etc. We do not need our Law of Attraction served to us in a dish of over-complication. So, is the material succinct and doable?

(And before we go on, yes, some of these links are affiliate).

Based on that criteria—genuine, effective and actionable—here are my favorite LOA books and courses.

1) The Vortex – Esther and the late Jerry Hicks

Anything by Esther Hicks—and I do mean anything from books, youtube videos, to MP3s—are the best. No one explains it better than Abraham. Here is the catch. If you are new to LOA and your wooery tolerance is low, then this might not be the best place to start. Abraham is a group of souls that Esther Hicks channels. If channeling is a bit out there for you at this time in your life, then I would start elsewhere. However, if your wooery tolerance is medium to high, then please, for the love of god, start here because as the Carly Simon song says, “Nobody Does It Better!”


2)  You are a Badass at Making Money

Remember when I talked about being authentic? Well, you may think that using terms like ‘badass’ is one of those inauthentic things the author is using to sell her stuff. I have bought a boatload of Jen Sincero’s work and this is her true nature. This is a woman who would call you a badass to your face, several times! Her tone is very irreverent and, for me, this is the funniest, most entertaining, and enjoyable book on LOA out there.


3) The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality

If you want an informative and powerful history lesson on the pioneers of the Law of Attraction, you need know only one name, Mitch Horowitz. Mitch is one of the most eloquent and knowledgeable writers I have experienced - not just in spirituality but in any genre. His latest book, The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality is one of my new favorites.  In this book, you will learn about the founding, known and unknown, contributors to this field and their take, practice, and methods on the Law of Attraction.

4) The Game of Life and How to Play It


I think out of all the classics, the one whose material has held up and is still relevant and still speaks a language of this century is Florence Scovel Shinn. This book is no exception and I think is a must-read for all.

5)  The Secret


This book is responsible for more LOA converts than any other, and so I say a hearty thank you to Rhonda Byrne. Because within those LOA converts are about a million people realizing and waking up to the fact that they are highly sensory individuals. And on top of that, her material is beautiful. It is the basics and the beginning, but we all have to start somewhere, right?


6) Creating Money Attracting Abundance

I am a huge fan of Sanaya Roman’s and Duane Packer’s work. Their website is chalked full of educational materials for the serious student of channeling. This book by Sanaya is one of my favorite’s. It is loaded with LOA practical exercises that you can begin incorporating and practicing immediately.


7)  Law of Attraction 30 Practical Exercises

Louise Stapely is a woman after my own heart; practical! Just give it to me straight and show me how to do it and make it easy! That is what Louise does for LOA and does in this book. She gets to the point and gives you exercises that work.

So that’s it! Those are my favorite and my top 7 recommended books and programs for Law of Attraction for HSP's,

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will share one Law of Attraction practice out of Louise Stapely’s book that is the most powerful and effective for the HSP.

Happy Manifesting!


Sheila Seaborg