I've been in the coaching game for many years. With that in mind, I came up with my own method of coaching dedicated to helping people reframe the meaning and intention(s) they hold toward money, prosperity and happiness. Full creation of our lives is truly within our grasp and lies just behind your thoughts.

I am a learning junkie and along the way I picked up a few things to help me become a better coach:

  • I am a certified Life Coach 

  • I hold a BA in Psychology

  • Attend a Master of Counseling program

  • I Trained at Aromahead Institute and West Coast Aromatherapy for essential oil studies

  • I Am a Reiki Master

I live in the country side of Northern Wisconsin with my beautiful peeps: My boyfriend, his daughter and our mischievous silver lab, Bailey.

Iā€™m so happy you're here and I hope this site helps you to trust your intuition so you can create good things.